Italian Adventure 1 – Part 4 Lipari, Another Aeolian Surprise

After a wonderful few days on the Isle of Vulcano, you can read more about that adventure here, we hopped on a hydrofoil and made our way over to the Isle of Lipari for the next few days of our holiday. Unike Vulcano we had no accomodation pre booked but just waited to see what was available when we arrived. As it was late in the season we didn’t think we’d have too much of an issue finding somewhere to stay. How did we get on?

Where did we stay?

Well as I mentioned above we had no accomodation prebooked and wanted to just wait and see what was available when we arrived. As it was the morning when we travelled from Vulcano and the journey was only 20 mins we had plenty time to find somewhere.

On the quayside there was quite a few people all with cards advertising accommodation but we were still holding out for something a bit authentic and quirky and as we walked up the main street of the town we spotted a tourist information office. There we would surely find something to suit but as luck would have it we bumped into Angela, who was there, on the street, outside the tourist information with cards advertising a room in her house on Vico Salina. She spoke no English and we spoke little Italian then but we managed to agree a visit to see the room which was just off the main street and when we saw it, it was perfect. Central, a little balcony, air conditioning, little en suite and on the third floor with Angelas family occupying the 2 lower floors. It had a roof terrace with a large table and utensils, plates and cups to use so we could visit the local deli and have lunch or dinner on the roof. It was absolutely perfect. Unfortunately we didn’t keep her details but if you get to Lipari then check out Vico Salina.

What did we do?

Walking – From the main town there were walks up and down a myriad of streets taking you to the coast and away again into the countryside and the views of the surrounding islands were just fantastic. The town itself was delightful to wander around with its typically Italian narrow and winding streets with flower boxes, washing, balconies filled with life.

Diving – Chris went diving as there was a diving centre just near the port and having dived in many areas around the world he didn’t want to miss this opportunity. The dive centre on Lipari offered both morning and afternoon dives and was quite reasonably priced. Check it out if that’s your thing?

Exploring the island – While Chris went diving I took the opportunity to explore some of the island and there was a small bus station near the port which had buses going to the other towns around the island.

Buses leave from Marina Lunga about every hour (more frequently in summer), taking you across the island. No point on the island is less than a half-hour ride away. A bus schedule is available at on a sign at Marina Lunga or from the tourist information office. Tickets cost 1.50€ and can be purchased onboard from the driver. Urso buses also operate tours of the island from July to September. Three buses at a time leave at 9:30am, 11:30am, and 5pm, costing 3.70€ for the circuit. Along the way you’ll pass the highlights of Lipari’s scenery.

Visit the Museum – the Museo Archeologico. The museum complex is located on the enormous rhyolithic rock of the Castello of Lipari. There is also the amphitheatre which is Greek and over ancient Roman and Greek ruins which you can walk around and imagine times gone by when it was in use by the Island. Spectacular sights, really peaceful and always a glimpse of the sea which I love.

What did we eat?  

Well being an island the seafood I can tell you was spectacular. Lipari is the most populated of the Aeolian Islands and it has an abundance of cafe’s, restaurants, bars and take aways where you cant get good Italian food. We had superb seafood down by the harbour, fantastic gelato on the Main Street in town and super take away pizza for lunch. Here’s a few recommendations.

For some of the best seafood around we were recommended to visit the Ristorante Nenzyna and it didn’t let us down. Quirky tables just set out on the street near the harbour the spaghetti vongole was excellent.

For Gelato it had to be the Eden Bar Great coffee, great ice cream, great desserts and just perfect after an evening walk through town.

One of the best places we ate was the rooftop of our rented room. There with our meats and cheeses and a nice bottle of wine we would enjoy lunch or laze watching the sun go down, it was magnificent.

So what next?

Well next we head over to our 3rd island, Stromboli where the only agenda for this part of the trip is to climb the volcano (our second of the trip) and climb it we did. Check out our next blog post (below) where we recount our tale of the Island of Stromboli.

Italian Adventure 1 – Part 5 Stromboli, Let’s climb a volcano

Destination – Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Italy How did we get there?  – We visited Stromboli as part of our first ever Italian Epic trip a few years ago after visiting Rome, Vulcano, Lipari, all of which you can read about here. How much did it cost to get there? – The ferry that we took […]

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