Sirolo, a coastal adventure

Sirolo is a town on the East coast of Italy just south of Ancona. We visited after attending the F1 Grand Prix at Monza and then spending a few days in the town of Bologna. In the search for a beach location we decided to drive south and Sirolo is where we ended up.

Where is it and how did we get there?

We travelled down from Bologna in our campervan, Bob and Sirolo is perched right on the cliff tops just south of Ancona.

Where did we stay?

We stayed at Camping Internazionale in the centre of town. The town itself is perched at the top of some quite steep cliffs and the campsite is situated halfway down between the road and the sea. This campsite isn’t really suitable if you have difficulties walking or are in a wheelchair as access to the town and the beach involves a fairly steep path both up and down however the campsite offers the most spectacular views out to the sea. Breathtaking.

What is there to do?

Sirolo actually has quite a lot to offer and you can choose to laze your days away on the beach or opt for something more adventurous.

The beach below the campsite is the closest beach and has a variety of options when it comes to hiring a sun lounger and parasol. There are many different huts all with varying degrees of what’s on offer for your money and a public beach where you can just rock up with your towel and lay down. Some of the vendors have toilets and changing facilities, some have snack bars, some have fancy parasols and loungers and some have other equipment you can hire. All in all a sun lounger and parasol will cost around on average 8€ a day. You get a discount if you are staying at the campsite which is great. More info on the local beaches can be found here.

You can go hiking with some hiking trails starting from the campsite and taking you up and over the adjacent hills to a secluded beach with some rock formations known as the praying nuns. There are other walks throughout the town and many coastal paths to follow

You can hire a paddle board, canoe or other watersports equipment at any one of the beach huts. You’re charged something like €5 per hour and can reach the secluded beach with the praying nuns by paddling round the coast.

Sirolo has some great bars and restaurants to choose from and prices are pretty reasonable. Here are a few places we chose:

  • La Pranza – we chose this restaurant a few times for lunch as it was on the beach and always completely packed with Italians which is always a good sign. Fantastic seafood, salads and great wine.
  • Arturo cucina di mare which was next door to La Pranza was just as good if not a little bit more expensive but we only chose that as La Pranza was full one day. Still would recommend it as excellent seafood.
  • Il Grillo was more of a bar but did food and although we only stopped here on several occasions for a drink the food that came out to other customers looked lovely. Quite conservatively priced too. Which is why we visited most days for an aperitivo.

Sirolo – The town itself is very pretty and its’ lovely just to walk through its myriad of typical Italian streets and soak up the atmosphere.

So what’s the best thing about Sirolo. It has oodles of charm and is popular with Italian tourists. Plenty bars and restaurants to choose from and some great beaches.

And the worst thing, well the steepness of the walk down to the beach or up to the town. You do get used to it after a day or so but its a workout for sure.

If you ever get to Sirolo, let me know what you thought.

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