We bought a Kayak !

Destination – Lake Windermere, Lake District, Cumbria UK

Date – August 2020

How did we get there?  – We drove from home as this was a day trip

How much did it cost to get in? – The carpark at the landing point was approx £6 for the day.

What was the best things about the day – Getting out on the water with our new Kayak  

What was the worst thing about the day – Getting wet and a little bit cold when the sun went in. Must buy wetsuits.

Tip of the trip – Always take snacks and a drink even if you think you’re only going to be out for a short time – we’d have stayed out longer if we had.

Our Story –

I had to write a quick post about our new addition to our adventure kit. We purchased a Sea Eagle Kayak and took it out for its first trip last weekend. Wow what an amazing craft !

So we’d been looking for a Kayak for ages and had thought about buying one but took a long time to consider what type of boat we wanted. Inflatable, rigid, big, small, we didn’t know so Chris did a lot of research, read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of YouTube videos and finally we decided on the Sea Eagle 380x Kayak which seemed to fit our needs.

With the COVID 19 situation production had all but stopped so there was quite a wait for our boat. Sea Eagle is a US manufacturer and the UK stockist, Spindrift had a waiting list of orders but we were on the list.

Kayak bought all we had to do was wait and we didn’t have to wait that long in the end. It wasn’t long before we got notification that our kayak would be delivered and on the Friday we waited in anticipation for the UPS driver to come down our street.

When it arrived we immediately had to give it a go. Who doesn’t buy a new kayak and inflate it in their living room? We had great fun finding out what all the valves were for and figuring out which was the front and which was the back, attaching the seats and putting the paddles together.

Our first trip was sat stationary in the living room. I was tempted to put a wildlife program on the television and pretend we were paddling through some mangrove swamp or riding rapids in a wild river but we didn’t. I did enjoy sitting there and imagining our first voyage out.

That first voyage was to be the following Saturday. The weather seemed perfect, no wind, no rain and the possibility of sunshine. That’ll do for us so we packed everything in the car and headed for Lake Windermere in the Lake District. We chose a carpark next to the launch site and saw several other boaters all furiously pumping away at foot pumps inflating their boats so we did the same. At the back of the car, we laid everything out and pumped our kayak up.

We had to walk to the launch ramp and realised then that with the paddles, seats, bags of personal items, pump etc the kayak was pretty heavy so perhaps inflation nearer the launch site would be better next time. Never the less we made it and within mins our kayak was on top of the water, we were both in and away we went.

I couldn’t believe how stable it was. This really was a beauty. The paddling was easy and with Chris behind he kept in rhythm with me and off we went up the side of the lake.

There are loads of islands to explore on Windermere and you can even land on a few but we were happy paddling away and didn’t even notice the hours passing.

After a couple of hours I could feel my shoulders stiffen a little where we’d been working hard and we decided to get back to the jetty. If we had brought supplies, food, drinks etc we could have stayed out there all day. It was wonderful.

So our first adventure in the kayak was a success. easy to inflate, easy to deflate and fold away and all in all a fantastic trip out on the water. Looking forward to many more. Totally love our new Kayak !

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