Goynuk Canyon – Canyon Safari

DestinationGoynuk Canyon, Kemer, Turkey

Date – October 2020

How did we get there?  – We arranged a taxi from the hotel to take us there, wait whilst we enjoyed our hike and then take us back to the hotel and we agreed a price of around £20 which seemed reasonable.

How much did it cost to get in? – Once at the Canyon you paid a £1.50 entrance fee and then you were free to hike and swim in a few of the pools dotted around the higher walkways. If you wanted to take part in any of the activities such as Canyoning or Zip Lining then there was an additional cost.  We did the Canyoning and it was £13.00 per person which included hire of all the PPE gear.

Where did we stay? – Whilst we were in that part of Turkey we stayed at the Barut Collection Hotel, Kemer.  This was a 5* all inclusive holiday and the hotel independently would cost around €150 per night.  Fantastic place with the best of service whilst we were there. 

What was the best things about the day – The clear cool water of the canyon.   

What was the worst thing about the day – There wasn’t as many free swimming areas as we’d been led to believe which was disappointing.

Tip of the trip – Whilst hiking through the canyon be aware that some of the rocks are slippy and if you are going to venture off the track then make sure you have something sturdy to hold on to, don’t take risks!

Our story –

Just along the coast from Kemer is Goynuk Canyon where you can find a raft of activities for the adventurous at heart. We had only seen some pictures of it on trip advisor and the internet and decided when we woke that morning that here’s where we’d be heading.

We made our way up to the end of the path which took about 40 mins or so and arrived at the Canyoning activity area. After seeing the pictures and speaking to the chap we decided to give it a go and armed with our protective headgear, wet suit, life jacket and swimming shoes we waded into the first pool at the mouth of the canyon.

Oh my goodness the shock of the coldness of the water took your breath away and for a moment I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to move. Within a min or so your body acclimatised and we were soon swimming through the clear, refreshing water.

The canyon route took you up through the rocks and was deep enough in parts where you could swim. There were ropes on the side to help you navigate your way through and an area where you could pull yourself up onto the rock and jump in. Where the water wasn’t deep enough to swim you had to be careful stepping through the rocks as some of them were really slippy.

The scenery was spectacular with high rocks on each side cradling the water flowing through. There were fish in the pools and they darted away as soon as you stepped near them.

After about 30 mins or so we came to our first obstacle of the day which was a rope ladder up a high piece of rock which we had to navigate to get us onto the next section of the route. Getting on the ladder was easy enough but getting off at the top with nothing much to grip was a little trickier, luckily there was a group of lads who were only too eagle to help the “older” lady

The final stretch of the canyon took us to a waterfall which was so much fun to play in. The crashing water meant that it was difficult to get through to sit on the ledge for a picture perfect moment but it was so much fun and so refreshing.

Making our way back through the canyon we had to navigate the ladder downwards which was much easier than before and make our way back to the start area.

I would say this was a must for anyone looking for something other than sitting on a beach sunbathing. Get your hard hat on and go on a Canyon Safari.

There are other activities available such as zip lining or a mix of both and is suitable for all ages and families.

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