Phaselis – A step into the past

DestinationPhaselis, an ancient Lycian City

Date – October 2020

How did we get there?  – We booked a taxi from the hotel to take us down the coast and wait for approx 4 hrs and return us back to the hotel at the agreed price of £25.

How much did it cost to get in? – £4.50 to access the site and boy was it worth it.

Where did we stay? – Whilst we were in that part of Turkey we stayed at the Barut Collection Hotel, Kemer.  This was a 5* all inclusive holiday and the hotel independently would cost around €150 per night.  Fantastic place with the best of service whilst we were there. 

What was the best things about the day – The hike around the coast which is part of the Lycian Way.

What was the worst thing about the day – The beach area was a bit rustic and extremely stoney which was difficult to walk on with bare feet.  Accessing the sea was tricky. 

Tip of the trip – Pack some beach shoes as getting into the water from the beach can be a little bit tricky as its very stoney underfoot and difficult to walk on with bare feet.

Our Story – 

When we arrived at Phaselis we decided to hike some of the coastal path first. This is part of a long route called the Lycian Way and we immediately headed north on the path back towards Kemer. The trail was beautiful. Tall trees shaded our hike and the shadows that the light created made for some good photo opportunities.

Back at the main parking area we ventured into the southern part of the site where the theatre was and I must say this theatre was built in the most perfect site with the most spectacular view. They had clever folk back in those days.

Along the Main Street there were Roman baths and remnants of shops and houses and practically all of it was accessible which made exploring all the more fun.

At the end of the Main Street was the beach and its here we plonked our towels down and had a dip in the shallow bay. I had the snorkel with me but there wasn’t much to see underwater. It was however extremely refreshing to float in the cool water.

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