Olympus – A Roman, Lycian Town

DestinationOlympus, a Roman/Lycian City

Date – October 2020

How did we get there?  – We hired a car from Europcar in Kemer for the day at a cost of £30 for 24 hrs, total bargain.

How much did it cost to get in? – £4.50 to access the site.  Remember to keep your ticket as you’ll need it to get in and out. They accept card so no need to find a cash point.

Where did we stay? – Whilst we were in that part of Turkey we stayed at the Barut Collection Hotel, Kemer.  This was a 5* all inclusive holiday and the hotel independently would cost around €150 per night.  Fantastic place with the best of service whilst we were there. 

What was the best things about the day – The unspoiled archeological ruins. and being able to wander freely amongst them.

What was the worst thing about the day – Quite difficult to find the path on the Western side of the site which meant we missed a few things.

Tip of the trip – Take your beach stuff with you when you enter the park as I could be a long walk back to the parking area when you decide you want a dip.

Our Story –

Olympus is situated about 40km down the coast from Kemer, Turkey and is an ancient town from approximately the end of the 4th Century BC and is currently a popular tourist area with quirky little features and a stunning beach.

We made our way down the coast and then down a very steep and winding road to the gates of the archaeological site. The little town itself was very hippy-like and the accommodation at the side of the road was extremely rustic with some places advertising treehouses. Extremely quirky and had a really cool vibe to it. 

There was quite a lot to see and I particularly loved the way that it had all just been left to nature. Some parts were extremely overgrown and you had to really imagine what it was like before and other parts were fully exposed. The main path led your right down to the beach but there was side shoots of path to explore off the main one.

The beach was vast and ran right along the shore to the neighbouring town of Cirali, which if you wanted to travel there by road you had to make the journey back up to the main road and then back down again to the coast, a round trip of about 45 mins. We had lunch here at a restaurant called Ikiz and then spent some more time on the beach and in the water.

Having the luxury of the hire car meant we were in no rush to leave and spent the best part of the afternoon soaking up the sun. This place was a real gem and we had a great day visiting.

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