All About Us

Hi, I’m Lynne and my partner is Chris and we absolutely love and live to travel. The other members of our travel team are Bob who you can learn more about below and Kylie our new kayak who’s going to let us explore by water instead of land.

So what do we like…… here’s just a small taste – We like Italy – a lot, we like Formula 1, we like photography, we like markets, we like food, we like churches, we like ancient buildings, we like swimming in the sea, we like hiking up a mountain, we like using public transport, we like animals, we like waterfalls, we like travelling and we like having fun!

We initially created this as a blog of our walks in the Lake District and other areas in the UK. It has since evolved into a travel log of all our adventures sharing the stories of our adventures across the globe.

Happy reading and enjoy

Here we are, Lynne & Chris. Lynne is the words (and some of the pictures behind the site and Chris is the main planner for all the travelling we do and have done.

Travelling is a big part of our lives. Food is a massive part of our travelling itinerary and we’ve had a couple of cooking lessons in Indonesia & Sri Lanka and would love to have more.

Chris loves to dive and has been to many diving sites throughout the world and we’re both keen photographers.

Most of all we just like to get away, explore new areas, meet some lovely people and that’s what we want to share with you.

Bob at the lake

Hi, I’m Bob and I’m a Hyundai i800 campervan and I was bought by Chris and Lynne in 2016 and have been on many adventures with them.

They named me Bob as we’d be Bobbing about and the best thing is when Chris parks me somewhere that’s got an amazing view. He does that quite a lot.

I’m a 4 berth, Wellhouse converted, camper and I have a fridge and a heater and a super bike rack, a solar panel, a cooker and loads of storage space and a pop up roof and can go for miles and miles and miles. So far they’ve taken me to Scotland, Wales, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia & Croatia.

I’m looking forward to more adventures.

Kylie the Kayak

I’m Kylie the Kayak and the newest member of Chris & Lynne’s adventure team.

They named me Kylie as one of Chris’s work colleagues said I’d spend most of my time upside down. Little did they know I’m sturdy as a tank.

I’ve been on a couple of adventures so far to Lake Windermere and looking forward to many more.


So what do we have planned when we’re though this awful Covid 19 period.

  • May 2021 – Marrakech, Morroco and Mount Toubkal
  • July 2021 – Silverstone for the British F1 Grand Prix

We’re also planning our next BIG adventure which which is still on the far away horizon but we’re having a lot of fun planning.